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Lama Palden's Dharma Talks
Lama Palden
2012-07-12 Compassion and Tonglen Practice 37:13
Lama Palden discusses compassion and the Tonglen practice of sending and receiving. Please note that the actual practice portion of the talk has been removed since it is important for students to receive direct transmission of the teachings from the teacher.
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley IMCB Regular Talks
2009-02-19 What Is True Refuge? 59:06
East Bay Insight Meditation Community IMCB Regular Talks
2008-01-28 The Discussion Of The Wisdom Dakini 1:14:52
Dakinis are activity aspects of awakened mind. Outwardly the dakini can support, nurture and protect us. She also can show up to cut through conceptuality. Ultimately dakini is the wisdom aspect of our own minds; the openness aspect that is the space for and is inseparable with everything that is. When this aspect is realized all phenomena, all experience become workable, eventually blissful. True nature is wisdom, openness, compassion and love.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks
2003-06-18 Tibetan Buddhist Teaching 52:44
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2001-09-17 Untitled 45:52
2001-03-05 Vipassana & Devotion 62:23
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1999-02-22 Equanimity 61:36
1999-01-04 Wisdom, Compassion & Tonglen 1:14:50
1998-02-09 Integrating Practice into Life 62:05
1997-07-02 Buddha Nature 54:48

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