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Larry Rosenberg's Dharma Talks
Larry Rosenberg
The method I use most in teaching is anapanasati or mindfulness with breathing. Breath awareness supports us while we investigate the entire mind-body process. It helps calm the mind and gives us a graceful entry into a state of choiceless awareness--a place without agendas, where we are not for or against whatever turns up in the moment.
1986-05-13 Coming To Terms With The Body - part I 1:32:33
developing a balanced view of the body; caring for it without identifying with it as mine
1986-05-16 Coming To Terms With The Body 65:03
developing awareness of death, getting a better perspective on one's priorities in life; a guided contemplation on death
1987-03-08 Wisdom In Action 58:36
paying attention to every moment of our lives, how do we actually live, do we live what we know, relationship and attachment
1987-05-22 Opening Talk & Guided Meditation 47:33
1988-06-19 Final Talk On Samadhi 50:04
1988-07-16 Questions And Answers 1:42:28
1983-07-24 Awakening Intelligence 60:43
1987-05-23 Naturalistic Observation 59:44
looking at nature, life, and ourselves with affection, openness, and allowing quality; permitting whatever we are observing to unfold in its own lawful way
1987-05-24 The Supreme Addiction 57:00
exploring the endless tendency of the mind to dwell on itself; examining the many images we have, especially the image of "meditator"
1986-05-11 Everyday Mind And The Momentum Of Practice 39:36

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