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The greatest gift is the
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Larry Rosenberg's Dharma Talks
Larry Rosenberg
The method I use most in teaching is anapanasati or mindfulness with breathing. Breath awareness supports us while we investigate the entire mind-body process. It helps calm the mind and gives us a graceful entry into a state of choiceless awareness--a place without agendas, where we are not for or against whatever turns up in the moment.
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1990-07-14 The Art Of Mindful Living 67:42
seeing that wherever we are--on a spiritual retreat or home washing dishes--as an equally fruitful place for our spiritual potential to flower
1991-03-02 Sitting And Walking Meditation Instructions 38:29
creating a fluid, gentle experience by weaving together instructions for meditating within the actual experience of a guided meditation
1991-03-05 Why Conscious Breathing II 39:25
1991-03-06 Guided Meditation: Breathing Sensations Throughout The Body 44:11
BREATHING SENSATIONS THROUGHOUT THE BODY-an opportunity to experience relaxing into the breath, completely and in full awareness with the expert guidance of an experienced teacher
1991-03-09 Guided Meditation: Seeing Into Impermanence 40:53
SEEING INTO IMPERMANENCE-experience being yourself as you sink into the texture of your own breath
1991-03-09 Playing With Form 54:30
1991-07-12 Lessons In Impermanence 43:08
1991-07-07 Direct Teaching Of Zen Master Soen Sa Nim 39:27
reflections on some lessons in letting go of a Korean Zen Master, told with depth and wit
1991-07-09 Taking The Breath To Heart: I 35:59
from our first birthing gasp to our last dying sigh, all of our life depends upon the breath
1991-07-11 Taking The Breath To Heart: II 47:15
understanding how and why conscious breathing can help us become happier and release ourselves from suffering

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