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Mary Grace Orr's Dharma Talks
Mary Grace Orr
Lately, my own practice is moving more and more into the monastic world. As I teach out of that nourishment, I find people hungry for the traditional, solid forms of the Dharma. I see people's lives changing when they engage in these forms. Certainly, as I deepen my own Sutta study, I find the traditional ideas so helpful it encourages me to delve further.
2010-04-22 Lovingkindness 33:58
Insight Santa Cruz
2010-03-23 The Freedom of Truth 48:22
How do we hold all of the joys and sorrows, skillful and unskillful actions, wounds and blessings that we see when we practice intensely.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center March 2010 at IMS - Forest Refuge
2010-03-16 Knowledge and Vision of Things as They Are 49:28
A continuation of the series on transcendental dependent origination-the beginnings of insight.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center March 2010 Month Long
2010-03-09 Following Faith to Liberation 48:39
The Buddha teaches both about the cycle of suffering and another cycle leading to liberation. When we willingly encounter our suffering directly, conviction arises and leads us deeper into our practice.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center March 2010 Month Long
2010-02-25 Metta 28:53
Insight Santa Cruz
2010-01-21 Four Foundations 46:06
Insight Santa Cruz
2010-01-14 Brahma Viharas 43:49
Insight Santa Cruz
2009-12-10 Forgiveness 42:25
Insight Santa Cruz
2009-11-19 Opening the Doors of the Heart 56:04
How can we open our hearts? This talk explores the practices of forgiveness and compassion, as well as that of gratitude. The Metta Sutta provides the background for this exploration.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Insight Meditation Retreat
2009-11-17 Curiosity, Confidence and Contentment 45:48
We need places of refuge in our lives and we need an inner place of stillness. Curiosity, confidence and contentment as we develop mindfulness can be useful in developing inner refuge.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Insight Meditation Retreat

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