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Michele Benzamin Miki's Dharma Talks
Michele Benzamin Miki
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2013-04-13 "Wise Action" - Taking it to the Streets 56:00
Part of the 8-fold "Noble" Path is Wise Action. How to apply it and actively engage the practice of Dharma into you daily life.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Intensive Silent Vipassana Meditation Retreat for People of Color
2012-07-01 Seven Qualities of an Awakened Mind 55:08
Transformation of the suffering around identity into freedom and an awakened mind. Part of the audio is a guided meditation on the seven factors of enlightenment.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Annual People of Color Retreat: Deepening Your Dharma
2008-08-13 Seven Factors Of Enlightenment: Energy And Rapture 58:21
Cutting through strong habit energy and cultivating energy and rapture on the cushion and in your daily life, as well as seeing the roots of courageous collective energy and rapture as a movement for great acts of change in these times.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center People of Color Retreat
2003-06-17 Manjushri Reflection of the Sword of Compassion 26:10
2003-06-16 Love Understanding and Compassion 40:17
2003-06-14 The 5 Precepts as a Revolutionary Daily Practice 46:50
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2003-06-14 The 5 Precepts as a Revolutionary Daily Practice 45:45
2002-08-24 Metta: Meditation of Compassion 23:43
2002-08-24 Cutting Through to Healing 38:57
2002-08-23 Metta Day 3, POC Retreat 39:15

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