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Rodney Smith's Dharma Talks
Rodney Smith
More and more, the teaching practice takes me into the community where I engage directly with students. My focus right now is on bringing the continuity of the Dharma into the market place. Although retreating is an important form for self-knowledge, I find myself less interested in the immediate results of a retreat and more interested in helping students investigate their relationship to the ups and downs of their everyday life.
2002-01-03 The I Of The Storm 39:43
Realizing how the "I" feeds upon conflict and vanishes in stillness.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
2001-12-17 Sitting Practice And Its Effect On Our Life 44:34
The techniques of sitting meditation effects our attitude to life itself.
Seattle Insight Meditation Society
2001-12-12 Reflections On September 11Th 43:30
Is September 11th about retaliation and patriotism or unending violence of the human mind?
Seattle Insight Meditation Society
2001-11-01 Why Meditate? 46:33
Exploring the four facets of meditation.
Seattle Insight Meditation Society
2001-10-01 After The Retreat: What Now? 44:16
The ingredients of a spiritual life using our natural interest and curiosity.
Seattle Insight Meditation Society
2001-03-14 Receiving The World 46:40
Looking at how to use three different postures toward life and freedom to move from partial openness to radical receptivity.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
2001-03-12 Arriving In The Here And Now 44:44
To arrive in the here and now means to acknowledge the truth of the present moment where we find ourselves. Most of us have found ways to avoid the present, so as to avoid facing difficulties. This talk identifies strategies we use to keep from arriving and explains how living with integrity will allow us to arrive more easily.
2001-03-10 Accessing The Dharma 42:33
Recognizing the specific orientation toward life that we develop when accessing the Dharma.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
2001-02-01 Illusion IV: Taking What Lacks Independent Existence As Independently Existing 39:22
The self is a play upon the field of time and has no reality outside of thought.
Seattle Insight Meditation Society
2001-01-03 The Personal And The Impersonal 46:32
The personal and the impersonal must come together for the completion of the practice.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

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