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Stephen Batchelor's Dharma Talks
Stephen Batchelor
2017-07-27 Secular Wisdom 60:41
Reflections on philosophical scepticism as a framework for practice from Pyrrho to the Buddha.
Gaia House Secular Buddhist Meditation Retreat
2013-07-20 Morning Talk - Buddhist Scepticism? 57:05
Concluding reflections on scepticism and the problem of certainty. Comparisons between early Buddhism and the sceptical Greek philosophy of Pyrrho.
Gaia House Study Retreat - A Secular Buddhist Retreat
2012-03-19 01 What is Secular Buddhism? 52:59
A definition of the term "Secular Buddhism;" a practice-based rather than belief-based form of the dharma; concern with human flourishing in this life; links with the Hellenistic philosophies of Pyrrho and Epicurus.
Australian Insight Meditation Network (Sine Cera Retreat Center) An Introduction to Secular Buddhism
2011-04-19 Where the Mind has Nowhere to Rest 65:42
Hui-neng's definition of sitting meditation; the middle way as the avoiding of the 'deadends' of existence and non-existence; the Greek philosopher Pyrrho as an example of a similar attitude; Hui-ko asks Bodhidharma to 'set his mind at rest'; the infinity of things; emptiness as the unfindability of things; to question 'what is this' is the practice of such emptiness that neither affirms nor denies anything.
Gaia House The Zen Retreat

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