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Thanissara's Dharma Talks
Thanissara, from London, was a nun for 12 years in the tradition of Ajahn Chah and has taught internationally for over 30 years. She is co-founder of Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat, South Africa, Sacred Mountain Sangha, California, and Chattanooga Insight, Tennessee. She has an MA in Mindfulness Psychotherapy Practice from the Karuna Institute UK and is co-author of Listening to the Heart, A Contemplative Guide to Engaged Buddhism, author of Time To Stand Up, An Engaged Buddhist Manifesto for Our Earth, and several books of poetry. She is a member of the Teacher Council at Spirit Rock and co-guiding teacher of Sacred Mountain Sangha.
2008-08-09 Introduction to Meditation 3:36:24
with Jack Kornfield, Pascal Auclair, Steve Armstrong, Thanissara
2008-05-31 Exploring Mindfulness 60:01
Gaia House An Exploration Of Mindfulness
2008-05-31 Mindfulness and the Indriyas 1:13:03
This talk also includes Mahesi Caplan
Gaia House An Exploration Of Mindfulness
2008-05-30 An Exploration of Mindfulness 44:46
This talk also includes Mahesi Caplan
Gaia House An Exploration Of Mindfulness
2007-12-03 Prajna Paramita In The Dragon Mountains 61:01
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks
2007-11-29 The Dharma Is Not The Dharma 60:04
Buddhism + the Dharma is the peel left behind. The immediacy of here and now Dharma. Disenchantment as a doorway is the transcendent. The irritation that rubs to the pearl. The immovable suchness of Being.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2007-11-25 Questions and Answers 56:01
with Eugene Cash, Thanissara
San Francisco Insight Meditation Community
2007-11-13 Awakening the Heart: The role of trust and devotion in meditation practice 48:30
Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley
2007-08-17 Daily Life - the Ground of Paramita 58:07
this talk also includes Jitindriya
Gaia House Illuminating the Heart of Awareness
2007-08-15 Compassion, Emptiness and Kuan Yin 62:10
Gaia House Illuminating the Heart of Awareness

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