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Akincano Marc Weber's Dharma Talks
Akincano Marc Weber
Akincano Marc Weber (Switzerland) is a Buddhist teacher and psychotherapist. He learned to sit still in the early eighties as a Zen practitioner and later joined monastic life in Ajahn Chah’s tradition where he studied and practiced for 20 years in the Forest monasteries of Thailand and Europe. He has studied Pali and scriptures, holds a a degree in Buddhist psychotherapy and lives with his wife in Cologne, Germany from where he teaches Dhamma and meditation internationally.
2018-07-12 A psychological take on bhāvanā: Four Dimensions of meditation practice. 67:01
Sutta quote: Directed and Undirected Meditation (S 47.10 The Bhikkhuni’s quarter.) The four main aspects and their respective stuck places are described in psychological terms. A digression on the nature of dissociation, its uses and dangers and some of its telltale signs in meditators is offered.
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