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Ven. Pannavati Bhikkhuni's Dharma Talks
Ven. Pannavati Bhikkhuni
Ven. Dr. Pannavati is Co-Abbot of Embracing Simplicity Hermitage. An African-American Buddhist monk ordained in the Theravada and Mahayana traditions and with transmission from Roshi Bernie Glassman of Zen Peacemakers, she is both contemplative and empowered for compassionate service. More than 70 homeless youth between the ages of 17 and 21 have resided at the hermitage over the past 2 ½ years and that effort has evolved into a separate 501(c)(3), MyPlace, Inc. which has its own accredited high school, jobs training program, youth center and residential program. An international teacher, she advocates on behalf of disempowered women and youth globally; and insists on equality and respect in Buddhist life for both female monastics and lay sangha. She was a 2008 recipient of the Outstanding Buddhist Women’s Award. In 2009, she received a special commendation from the Princess of Thailand for Humanitarian Acts and ordained the first Thai Bhikkhunis, on Thai soil with Thai monks as witnesses. In May 2010 she convened a platform of Bhikkhunis to ordain 10 Cambodian Samaneris, performing the ceremony in a Cambodian temple, witnessed by Cambodian abbots and sanctioned by Maha Thera Ven. Dhammathero Sao Khon, President of the Community of Khmer Buddhist Monks of the US. Finally, Venerable is a founding circle director of Women of Compassionate Wisdom, a 21st century trans-lineage Buddhist Order and Sisterhood. She recently ordained their first American oblate.
2018-03-06 Warning Against the Use of Force 44:11
Dharma talk at Heartwood Refuge and Retreat Center
Heartwood Refuge and Retreat Center
2018-03-01 Ven. Pannavati Our Truest Self Is in the Heart 68:52
Venerable Pannavati explains that the head and heart are two different seats of knowing, and, although they exchange information, it's often hard to bring them in sync. But when we release all grasping to the aggregates that we take to be a self, we are left with a fullness, an abiding place in the heart that is Nibbana.
Heartwood Refuge and Retreat Center
2018-02-11 Ven. Pannavati Homage to the Teacher 67:00
Dharma talk at Heartwood Refuge and Retreat Center. How do we grow our spiritual aspirations and cultivate beyond the earthly sensory realm? How do we invite and cultivate experiences that set us free of habitual patterns of perception and behavior?
Heartwood Refuge and Retreat Center
2018-02-06 Practice and Gifts in the Worldly Realms 61:18
Dharma talk at Heartwood refuge and Retreat Center clarifying the 10 Realms and practical guidance on to support awareness.
Heartwood Refuge and Retreat Center
2018-01-30 Coming Out of the Basement, Building on Our Practice Foundation 55:33
After establishing a strong practice foundation , we must rise to the call to build upon it.
Heartwood Refuge and Retreat Center
2018-01-14 The Essence of Practice 1:10:08
Dharma talk about foundational aspects of practice.
Heartwood Refuge and Retreat Center
2018-01-07 "Forgiveness" 62:30
This Dharma talk focused on conflict, misunderstandings, and the Hoʻoponopono forgiveness practice,
Heartwood Refuge and Retreat Center
2017-12-25 Know What Hinders You 51:15
A talk between meditations given on day 2 of an 8-day meditation retreat by Ven. Pannavati (after a teaching on the 10 impediments by Ven. Pannadipa), followed by a song by Dr. Hall "It's in Stillness that Truth Abides"
Heartwood Refuge and Retreat Center
2017-12-24 Covetousness and Greed 66:08
The identification of covetousness and greed and ways to approach in our daily practice.
Heartwood Refuge and Retreat Center
2017-12-03 Our Attachment to Suffering 61:31
Heartwood Refuge and Retreat Center

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