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Debra Chamberlin-Taylor's Dharma Talks
Debra Chamberlin-Taylor
Debra Chamberlin-Taylor is a teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. She has been meditating since 1973 and has led retreats that combine spiritual and psychological growth since 1978. In addition to practicing Vipassana, she has been influenced by Dzogchen, Diamond Heart, and devotional practices. More recently she has become a certified teacher of Wisdom Healing Qigong, finding Qigong and mindfulness used together to be the most healing and transformative practice in her long spiritual journey. A psychotherapist, she also leads workshops on embodiment of awareness and love in relationships and in our diverse world.
2006-05-29 Letting Go Into The Golden Wind 49:39
How to learn the art of letting go through the body. What might remain when grasping is relaxed?
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2006-01-20 Guided Compassion and Guided Movement 52:25
Guided compassion and guided movement sacred embodiment
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2006-01-17 Who Am I, Who Am I Not 49:24
Exploring identity through guided meditation.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2002-11-03 Trusting the Process Of Awakening 53:39
Maps and poems from various traditions which remind us that awakening includes cycles of death and rebirth. How to trust and work with the difficult phases.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2002-03-18 Cultivating Equanimity 63:25
Stories of different ways to cultivate peace, balance and calm in the midst of life and death.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2002-01-21 Martin Luther King, Exploring Racism & Interconnection 64:49
The eloquent words of Martin Luther King, Jr. are woven through an exploration of subtle forms of privilege and racism.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks
2002-01-10 Turning Mara’s Arrows Into Flower Petals 56:32
Through suttas and stories that teach us how to recognize and work with mara, we find that self judgment, temptation and fear can become Dharma gateways.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2001-10-06 Forgiveness and Compassion to the Difficult 1:17:15
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2001-07-27 Compassion 62:21
It takes so much compassion to be with the letting go we have to do to come into peace with the difficult truths of life. This talk explores ways we can cultivate compassion in our practice and in our lives.
2001-06-18 Freedom Through Letting Go 63:27

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