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Jaya Rudgard's Dharma Talks
Jaya Rudgard
Jaya Karen Rudgard began meditating in the 1980s and practiced for eight years as a nun in the Theravada tradition with Ven. Ajahn Sumedho. A graduate of the IMS/Spirit Rock Teacher Training, she teaches insight meditation and mindfulness in the UK and internationally.
2019-04-29 Chants and Reflections; Brahma Viharas; How Our Happiness Depends on Our Inward and Outward Actions 66:29
In this recording Jaya Rudgard and Yanai Postelnik both offer their own reflections. JAYA RUDGARD (00:00 - 30:18) Chant: "May I abide in wellbeing" (call and response and unison). Reflections on sustaining practice and intention after leaving retreat, chanting practice, Brahma Viharas and personal responsibility. YANAI POSTELNIK (30:50 - 66:36) Reflections on how our deeper happiness depends on our relationship to action, and on how consciously we are able to engage inwardly and outwardly in thought and deed in the world.
Gaia House Self Compassion and the Courageous Heart

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