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Gavin Harrison's Dharma Talks
Gavin Harrison
Gavin Harrison died on October 24, 2018, in Seattle, Washington. He was 68. “The realization of our True Nature is the birthright of all of us, and an ever-present possibility. We awaken to the sacred ground of Love, Awareness and Joy that was always there, perhaps unrecognized, yet abiding and full beyond description. This Truth of our Being reveals itself as Simple Silence, Infinite Wisdom and Boundless Compassion. The teachings and poetry of Awakening are invitations into the Truth of our Being. By neither bypassing nor transcending our humanness, but embracing it fully, the Love we are flowers and extends across the immensity of time and space touching the greatest and smallest of things.”
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1991-05-01 Forgiveness 1:21:27
1991-03-24 Awareness and Love 47:58
1991-01-13 Forgiveness 1:26:09
1990-12-01 Waking to the Message 1:16:30
1990-09-23 Laws of Karma 1:29:39
1990-07-05 Joy, Non-Harming 1:29:17
1990-07-01 Community 1:14:59
1990-01-01 The Passion of the Buddha, Q&A 1:19:52
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