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Sharda Rogell's Dharma Talks
Sharda Rogell
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My focus in teaching is to provide the support that students need to turn their life to the dharma, to truth, and to find ways to come out of their pain and suffering. The retreat experience is an invaluable aid to this exploration; however, what matters more is how one integrates this under- standing into everyday life.
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2006-09-01 Dukka And Its End 51:24
Every moment is a revelation of the Four Noble Truths. What kind of suffering do we have influence over? Once we deeply understand the nature of impermanence, freedom from suffering is close at hand.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2006-07-20 Anatta And Our Personality 56:36
Understanding Anatta. Our personality doesn't have to dissolve in order to understand the not-self nature of who we are.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2006-07-11 Metta: Freeing The Heart From Clinging 51:16
What keeps our heart from expressing pure lovingkindness? Understanding "tanna" or clinging, that gives rise to attachment & aversion, is the obstacle.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2006-06-17 Refuge in Awareness 38:07
There is no need to be afraid of our personality....embracing all the condtions of our experience brings us to deeper levels of understanding. By recognizing times of deep contentment in ourselves, we plant a cellular memory of happiness that allows us to more easily find a natural resting place for the mind.
Gaia House Insight Meditation and Contemplative Inquiry
2006-06-15 Restraint and Spontaneity 43:13
How do we express ourselves authentically, without falling into the extremes of indulgence and repression, where our ego is out of control, where we withdraw, hide behind our Buddhist practice, and lose touch with our vitality and our awakeness?
Gaia House Insight Meditation and Contemplative Inquiry
2006-06-14 Love 52:19
What is your experience like when you feel safe enough to open your heart? When we pay attention directly and we are not rejecting our experience, we can explore the quality of love in three centres of Being - head, heart and belly.
Gaia House Insight Meditation and Contemplative Inquiry
2006-06-12 Opening to the Truth with Mindfulness 58:37
Mindfulness illuminates our present experience and allows for the qualities of openness, curiousity, interest and trust to arise as we explore what it means to be awake to our experience, whether it is pleasant or unpleasant.
Gaia House Insight Meditation and Contemplative Inquiry
2006-04-16 Settling Into Mindfulness 40:03
What is mindfulness? Exploring the qualities of mindfulness: knowingness, openness, curiosity and kindness.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2005-11-21 Knowing Mind As Mind 46:21
Looking directly at the original text in the Satipatthana Sutta on the third foundation of mindfulness, how does the Buddha instruct us and what supports this contemplation.
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge
2005-11-08 Sakkaya Ditthi: Exploring Self-View 49:49
We are not trying to eradicate our personality, but as our experience becomes more infused with Nibbana, we experience our personality in a fresh way.
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge

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