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Retreat Dharma Talks

Three-Month Retreat - Part 1

This three-month course, including its six-week partials, is a special time for practice. Because of its extended length and ongoing guidance, it is an opportunity for students to deepen the powers of concentration, wisdom and compassion. Based on the meditation instructions of Mahasi Sayadaw and supplemented by a range of skillful means, this retreat will encourage a balanced attitude of relaxation and alertness, and the continuity of practice based on the Buddha’s Four Foundations of Mindfulness.

2011-09-10 (43 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

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2011-09-11 Keys To A Long Retreat 58:33
Guy Armstrong
When starting a long retreat, we should establish a proper attitude to our practice and also appreciate the purpose of renunciation.
2011-09-12 What Is Mindfulness? 57:42
Sally Armstrong
Mindfulness is becoming more mainstream, but if we are to truly practice it, we need to understand what right mindfulness as a path factor is.
2011-09-14 The Comparing Mind 60:01
James Baraz
The tendency to compare ourselves to others or against some idealized standards is the cause of much suffering. This self-judgement is based on what the Buddha called "the conceit of I am". This talk explores how to work skillfully with the judging and comparing mind.
2011-09-15 Faith, Wisdom and Doubt 56:40
Andrea Fella
The faith we are asked to cultivate in our practice is the confidence to put wisdom of the Buddha into action in our lives. Doing this, we can see for ourselves the benefit of this wisdom. Yet the process is gradual and many of us have doubts. Recognizing and working with doubt is an essential aspect of our spiritual journey.
2011-09-16 Trusting Awareness or Yatha Bhuta (reprise) 62:17
Carol Wilson
2011-09-18 Working with Difficult Emotions 62:43
Guy Armstrong
We can come to a greater freedom in life by investigating the nature strong emotions and our relation to them. This talk explores working with four emotions in particular: desire, sadness, anger and fear. Publishable online for the general public
2011-09-21 The Power Of Intention 62:59
James Baraz
Intention is the basis of all karma. It is also a key aspect of dharma practice, both in moment to moment experience as well as our aspiration, vision that fuels our practice.
2011-09-22 The Five Aggregates 64:43
Andrea Fella
The Buddha described five mental and physical process that encompasses all of our experience. He pointed us to recognize and understand them and how they serve us as magnets for clinging and suffering. This talk explores how we connect with these processes as a direct experience.
2011-09-24 Freedom Through Letting Go 60:49
Spring Washam
Impermanence and letting go.
2011-09-25 Five Aggregates: Self and Emptines 62:21
Guy Armstrong
Understanding the five aggregates can help us understand the absence of a self in sensory experience and also the insubstantiality of phenomena.
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