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March Monthlong Retereat

Second month of the annual two-month winter retreat at Spirit Rock
2011-03-06 (28 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2011-03-07 The Awakened Heart 54:42
  Jack Kornfield
How to invite the deity of awakening in an intensive retreat.
2011-03-08 Thank Yourself/Mindfulness 55:07
  Lila Kate Wheeler
Mindfulness-various aspects useful in practice and for facing the dilemma of our lives.
2011-03-09 CALM 49:28
  Trudy Goodman
Why calm is important in practice and practical ways to calm down and develop tranquility, as a factor of awakening.
2011-03-10 Metta & Self-Love 56:51
  Marie Mannschatz
2011-03-11 Exploring Faith 50:40
  John Travis
This talk explores faith within the context of the 5 spiritual faculties and also the 3 kinds of faith. Moving stories from the speaker's personal life are shared.
2011-03-12 Investigation 57:24
  Mark Coleman
What is investigation as a factor of awakening? How do we cultivate it, what supports it and how do we apply it to our direct experience in meditation.
2011-03-13 Wise and Beautiful Effort 50:46
  Marie Mannschatz
How to understand and balance, ease, depth and love, all as expressions of wise effort.
2011-03-14 Compassion and the Awakened Heart 55:31
  Jack Kornfield
2011-03-15 Sama Samadhi: Wise Concentration 51:46
  Trudy Goodman
What is samadhi? Why is it important for our practice? How do we develop and strengthen this 6th of the 7 Factors of Awakening?
2011-03-16 All My Relations -- Kindness as Enlightenment Practice 53:07
  Lila Kate Wheeler
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