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Retreat Dharma Talks

Waking Up to the Peace in Our Hearts: Monastic Retreat

2013-05-03 (10 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2013-05-03 A Terrain Beyond Boundaries 5:42
Ayya Medhanandi
Use the practice to understand the boundaries, structures, and limits of our lives to locate that terrain within us which is beyond boundaries. We go to it by inclining the mind towards stopping, taking precepts and fully arriving in the present, in the sanctuary of now. We stop in the silence and with curiousity and wonder, investigate the true meaning of our life.
2013-05-04 When the Canoe Starts to Tip 30:22
Ayya Medhanandi
Right mindfulness developed with meticulous appreciative attention on the breath enables us to tame the wilderness of the mind. If we are careening off course – just when the canoe starts to tip – we notice and immediately rebalance, regaining awareness and sustaining it as best we can. We continue to polish the mirror of the mind each moment, discovering the joy of seeing its true nature: impermanent, imperfect and empty. With nothing to hold onto in the world, we are free to enter the shrine of Truth.
2013-05-05 Guardian Of The Mind 56:09
Ayya Medhanandi
Parenting ourselves with mindfulness, wisdom and compassion
2013-05-06 Ways of working with hindrances 57:58
Ayya Medhanandi
Brief summary of right effort
2013-05-08 Seven Enlightenment Factors 43:02
Ayya Medhanandi
Brightening agents to cleanse the mind of hindrances
2013-05-09 One Inalienable Right 58:32
Ayya Medhanandi
We can free our hearts from suffering
2013-05-10 Boundless Metta in Difficult Times - A Guided Loving Kindness Meditation 41:28
Ayya Medhanandi
We can develop the boundless quality of metta in difficult conditions.
2013-05-11 Buddha Positioning System - BPS 25:13
Ayya Medhanandi
The Buddha gives us a flawless positioning system that will guide us to the coordinates of Truth. That ultimate refuge and peace is not to be known anywhere but in the sanctuary of our own heart. To find our spiritual bearings, we explore our true nature and the real origin of our sufferings. Step by step, our wise friends and daily practice of virtue, mindfulness, heroic forbearance, and faith will reinforce and steady us as we navigate the tempests of life. But this is a journey of great joys as well as trials. Like the hollow reed that becomes a flute, we empty ourselves of fear to be the true love we seek
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