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Retreat Dharma Talks

Tuesday Talks—2012

2012-01-01 (366 days) Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley

2012-01-10 Spiritual Friendships 33:20
Kim Allen
Kalyana mitta, or spiritual friendship, is a foundation of the Buddhist path. Through examining a number of suttas related to friendship, we gain an understanding of the important qualities and ways of relating to wise friends.
2012-01-17 Right View 32:07
Lama Surya Das
2012-02-14 What Must Be Known 34:58
Shaila Catherine
What do we need to know, understand, investigate, and realize through our meditation practice? In the Anguttara Nikaya. VI, 63, the Buddha described six things that should be known in six ways. The six things to be known include desires, feelings, perceptions, taints, kamma (actions of body speech and mind), and suffering. Each can be known through their presence, conditioned origin, diversity, outcome, cessation, and way to cessation. This talk explores the structure and details of this brief sutta teaching, and proposes a practical approach to investigating the mind and our relationship with life.
In collection: Buddhist Perspectives on Right View
2012-02-21 Danger of Fixation 36:05
Shaila Catherine
How does suffering manifest in attachment to views? This talk explores right view and addresses the danger of attaching to a position, philosophy, belief, or opinion. Primary sources are the teachings from the Middle Length discourses numbers 72 and 74. Recognizing the dangers of attachment and clinging to beliefs and opinions, we directly investigate what can be known in the mind and body. This is a pragmatic path of mindful awareness that results in actions that are immediately liberating.
In collection: Buddhist Perspectives on Right View
2012-04-03 The Secrets Of Tibetan Mindfulness Practice 52:41
Lama Surya Das
2012-05-08 Meditation and the Emotional Landscape 4:42:12
with Doug Slakey, Jennifer Dungan, Leah Weiss, Robert Cusick, Shaila Catherine, Sharon Allen
This collection of talks given at Insight Meditation South Bay discusses the nature of emotions. Topics include how to work with shame, dread, fear and anger.
2012-05-08 Dynamics of Emotion 44:27
Shaila Catherine
Meditation can reveal the dynamic process of emotional life. In this talk, Shaila Catherine explores relationships between mind and body, between thoughts and emotions, and between present moment experience and concepts. Emotions are not avoided in meditation, instead we engage in a balanced and wise investigation of emotions and see their changing, impermanent, and empty nature. Transformative insight into impermanence may come through understanding the functioning of mental states, without worry about difficult emotions such as anger, grief, or fear. We will learn to respond, act, and speak with wisdom as we learn to open to the full range of emotional life.
In collection: Meditation and the Emotional Landscape
2012-07-17 Clarifying the Mind 47:51
Kim Allen
The Buddha likened the Five Hindrances to impurities and disturbances in a pool of water. In this talk, we examine the grosser and finer manifestations of each hindrance, down to subtle levels.
2012-07-31 The Liberating Path 29:32
Shaila Catherine
This talk explores the Nobel Eightfold Path and the Three Trainings of virtue (sila), concentration (samadhi), and wisdom (panna). We look at how the trainings lead directly to liberation.
2012-09-25 Facing Our Biggest Fears 41:06
Ayya Santussika
This talk explores an ancient Tibetan method to confront your fear and turn it into an ally. She reviews the method from Lama Tsultrim book "Feeding your demons" in the context of the first three of the four noble truths. search words: four noble truths, feeding your demons, fear, anxiety, gratitude, change your brain
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