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Retreat Dharma Talks

Flavors of Kindness: A Retreat on Love, Joy, Compassion and Equanimity

During this silent retreat, we will cultivate what the Buddha called “the beautiful states of heart and mind,” the Brahmaviharas or Divine Abodes. These are the qualities of love, compassion, joy and equanimity inherent in us all. We will explore and practice each one in order to deepen our understanding of these qualities and strengthen our natural, innate kindness. As our hearts open, we discover a sense of joy, balance, and interconnection with all of life. There will be guided sitting meditations, walking meditations, dharma talks, as well as large and small group discussions

2013-10-01 (6 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2013-10-02 Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation 36:15
Mark Coleman
Intro to integrating kindness into the practice of mindfulness
2013-10-02 Metta (Lovingkindness): Allowing the Veils to Fall Away 53:18
Sharda Rogell
A talk on how the Buddha's emphasis on loving kindness begins to dissolve the ego's confusion and awakens the heart to its natural expression of love.
2013-10-03 Introduction and Guided Lovingkindness: Receiving the Love from our Benefactors 38:18
Sharda Rogell
There are ordinary people in our life that care about our well-being. This guided meditation supports us to recognise and receive their care. (Adapted from John Makransky, in Awakening Through Love)
2013-10-03 Talk and Meditation Instructions on Compassion 65:42
Mark Coleman
What is compassion? How to cultivate and practice it, in and out of meditation
2013-10-03 Compassion as the Great Chief 51:41
Spring Washam
This is a talk about self compassion and how it transforms our hears. How to deal with difficulty and loss.
2013-10-04 The Path of Joy 61:18
Mark Coleman
The Buddhist path supports an opening of the heart to Joy. This talk explores paths to joy and what allows the heart to awaken to=happiness.
2013-10-05 Talk and instruction on Equanimity practice 55:44
Mark Coleman
Orientation and meditation instructions and Q&A
2013-10-05 Equanimity - The Stillness in the Flow 49:28
Sharda Rogell
What is Equanimity? It is the stillness within the flow of conditions and is accessible in one moment when we let go of our reactivity and grasping.
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