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Retreat Dharma Talks

January 2014 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2014-01-01 (31 days) Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge

2014-01-14 The Energizing Factors of Awakening 56:33
Rebecca Bradshaw
A look at how the qualities of investigation, energy, and joyous interest support our meditation practice and journey of awakening.
2014-01-17 Metta-– The Heart's Release. 67:03
Marcia Rose
There is a great release of the contractions of the heart... the past pains, hurts and anguish that we've taken in and taken on as "mine", "me", as"I am". It it's not so easy to relinquish these habituated patterns of our-self. Our commitment to our practice and willingness to take the journey is what affords the transformation. Not so easy at times, but well worth it.
2014-01-20 The Calming Factors of Awakening 61:56
Rebecca Bradshaw
A look at how the qualities of tranquility, concentration, and equanimity support our meditation practice and journey of awakening.
2014-01-24 Equanimity 67:31
Marcia Rose
Equanimity is the equipoise…the balance or equilibrium between the opposing forces in the mind of the desired and the undesired. It is that point of balance in the middle of the see-saw of life and is based on a clear presence of mind. Two insights that are the basis of equanimity are the understanding of karma and insight into the nature of not-self. Both of these understandings are explored in this talk in relationship to equanimity.
2014-01-27 Living in delusion, living in truth 58:47
Rebecca Bradshaw
Explores how delusion and ignorance arise from disconnection and distorted perception.
2014-01-31 Through the Looking Glass – The Reality of Not-Self 63:03
Marcia Rose
It's a heavy load to carry our 'self' around…the myriad permutations of our thoughts (all the hopes and fears), the feelings, opinions, perceptions and beliefs…believing that they are 'mine, 'me, 'myself. When we begin to taste the truth of 'not-self' , often there is a feeling of great relief. Therein lies the potential for peace of mind. This Dhamma talk includes two short guided meditations.
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