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Retreat Dharma Talks

June 15 to July 31 2015 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2015-06-15 (47 days) Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge

2015-07-07 Brahmavihāras: at the heart of human experience. 64:14
Akincano Marc Weber
4 Dimensions in the teaching on universal Empathy. The Brahmavihara are neither just emotions nor exclusively meditation objects, rather they are intrinsic to any notion of health, growth, maturity, wellbeing, realization and liberation.
2015-07-08 Reflection and Instruction: Cittānupassanā-2 28:18
Akincano Marc Weber
2015-07-09 Reflection: Dhammānupassanā-1–The concept of dhammā – a practical interpretation 52:16
Akincano Marc Weber
2015-07-09 Middle Ways: Four interpretations of how to understand the metaphor of the Middle Way 62:26
Akincano Marc Weber
(i) between sensory indulgence and self-mortification; (ii) between being and non-being (iii) the monks' and nuns' lifestyle between brahminical family ideals and that of ascetic religious seekers (iv) between shame (hīri - based on self-respect) and fear of social consequences (ottappa - based on understanding good morals)
2015-07-10 Dhammānupassanā–2 - Approaches to the last of the Satipaṭṭhātthana-s. Tools for formal practice. 37:28
Akincano Marc Weber
Examples; Reading of the Kaccānagotta-Sutta (SN 12.15)
2015-07-11 Four Roads to empowerment (iddhipāda) 65:54
Akincano Marc Weber
The empowerment won by ardency, perseverance and focusing of (i) zeal (ii) energy (iii) consciousness (iv) investigation/discernment
2015-07-12 Friendship with the Noble (kalyānamittatā) Qualities of the admirable companion (Goodbye to ten participants) 39:42
Akincano Marc Weber
Two sets of 7 qualities of a kalyānamitta. The inner friend through the practice of Refuge. Noble Friendship at the heart of Sangha and Learning.
2015-07-12 Intro-bhāvanā & setting up mindfulness (welcome to the last group) 49:05
Akincano Marc Weber
3 dimensions of changing dukkha through mindfulness
2015-07-13 Reflection - what the body can reveal 41:39
Akincano Marc Weber
On retreat of the effect of how we live our life can reveal itself
2015-07-13 Stilling of distracting thoughts – strategies from the Suttas. (M 20) 60:01
Akincano Marc Weber
5 Ways of dealing with tenacious unwholesome thought from the Vitakkasaṇṭhāna-Sutta: Analogie, description, pragmatics of going about it.
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