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Retreat Dharma Talks

June 15 to July 31 2015 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2015-06-15 (47 days) Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge

2015-07-14 Reflection: Breath and it's centrality in life and contemplative life 27:49
Akincano Marc Weber
Breathing and its symbolism - breathing and the lakkhanā - breathing and samatha & vipassanā
2015-07-14 Alice and the Four Ennobling Tasks – an appeal. 57:23
Akincano Marc Weber
The Buddha as a healer: the ariyasacca as formula rather than as doctrine; perspectives on a tentative history of "The Four Noble Truths" and how to take their medicine, rather than just believing in its efficacy.
2015-07-15 Reflection-Instruction: Engaging with the story rather than trying to get out of it. – Breath: 5 qualities. – Beginning: 3 magical questions. 54:12
Akincano Marc Weber
Reflection–Vertical and Horizontal: On East and West meeting the individual's process in different ways. Instruction- Becoming more intimate with the experience of breathing; using the centering questions.+
2015-07-16 Reflection: vedanā-review for last intake 17:18
Akincano Marc Weber
2015-07-16 Nimitta-1: On the different uses of the term nimitta 64:59
Akincano Marc Weber
meanings of nimitta in the sutta
2015-07-17 Reflection-Nimitta-2: The theme of beautiful (subha-n.) and the repulsive (paṭigha-n) 27:35
Akincano Marc Weber
Follow-up from last night with addendum
2015-07-18 Grasping and Identification - 4 forms of upādāna 63:48
Akincano Marc Weber
Role of upādāna in generation of suffering - Fire imagery and vedic background; Text of S 44,9 / S iv 398; Explaining the specifics of the 4 forms of grasping (attavādūpādāna) touched only briefly.
2015-07-19 Morning Reflection 45:21
Akincano Marc Weber
2015-07-20 Morning reflection - Sati 26:00
Akincano Marc Weber
2015-07-21 Reflection-cittānupassanā-Working with the nature of the territory. 36:34
Akincano Marc Weber
Cittānupassanā needs dhammānupassanā. The smelly bag.
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