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Retreat Dharma Talks

July Metta Retreat

Metta is the Pali term for friendship, goodwill or loving-kindness. In this retreat we will develop metta as a meditation practice which cultivates our natural capacity for an open and loving heart, towards ourselves and all other beings. We will also develop the practices of compassion, joy and equanimity. Metta practice leads to greater acceptance of ourselves and others, revealing our fundamental connectedness to all life.

2015-07-08 (10 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2015-07-12 Day 4: Afternoon Instructions 40:16
Larry Yang
2015-07-12 Kindness and the Steady Heart 54:55
Sally Armstrong
Opening to our experience with kindness allows the heart to steady and deepen into concentration.
2015-07-13 Day 5: Morning Instructions 23:18
Sally Armstrong
2015-07-13 Day 5: Afternoon Instructions 36:59
John Martin
2015-07-13 Impartial Kindness 57:32
Sylvia Boorstein
2015-07-14 Day 6: Morning Instructions 17:10
Sylvia Boorstein
2015-07-14 Day 6: Afternoon Instructions 43:34
Tempel Smith
2015-07-14 Generosity: an expression of freedom 46:13
John Martin
2015-07-15 Day 7: Morning Instructions 30:55
John Martin
2015-07-15 Equanimity and the Brahmavihāras 9:06
Sylvia Boorstein
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