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Retreat Dharma Talks

Finding Freedom in the Body

2015-09-14 (7 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2015-09-15 Listening to the Heavenly Messengers and we have a Body! 32 Parts! 52:58
Bob Stahl
What brings us on the path of Awakening is the Heavenly Messengers. Introduction to the 32 parts of the body Meditation.
2015-09-16 Meditation Instruction on Head Hair, Body Hair, Nails, Teeth, and Skin. 40:59
Bob Stahl
Introduction meditation on the first five body parts of the 32 parts of the body meditation.
2015-09-16 From Grumpiness to Gratitude 54:08
Mary Grace Orr
The Dharma is medicine for difficulties of mind, heart and body
2015-09-17 Working with Emotions in the Body 53:54
Christiane Wolf
Hands-on description on working with anxiety, a physician's take on the 32 parts of the body practice, all 4 satipatthanas grow from here.
2015-09-18 Facebook Dharma 54:19
Bob Stahl
The deepest healing aspects of the 32 parts of the the body meditation.
2015-09-19 Guided Meditation on the Elements 36:58
Bob Stahl
Exploring Solidity, Liquidity, Motion, and Temperature in the body and the world. The barriers of separation begin to dissolve and the sense of interconnections arises.
2015-09-19 Body Scanning with Gratitude 44:49
Christiane Wolf
2015-09-19 Opening to Life 52:09
Mary Grace Orr
Stepping out of our stories.
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