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Retreat Dharma Talks

In the Presence of Love: Metta and Qigong Retreat

2015-11-30 (7 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2015-12-01 Launching your Loving-Kindness Practice 61:24
Tempel Smith
An opening night talk of a metta retreat combining Loving-Kindness practice and Qi Gong.
2015-12-02 Metta as Muse 65:49
Dori Langevin
Can we create a metta practice using phrases, the energetic felt-sense of friendliness/warmth and our imagination/visualization to live courageously and creatively?
2015-12-03 Day 3 Morning sit with Instructions 46:34
Dori Langevin
2015-12-03 Day 3: Afternoon Sit with Instruction: Guided Mudita (Empathetic Joy) 48:22
Tempel Smith
Turning our hearts and minds to the celebration of happiness, joy, and well being of others. Empathetic joy is crucial to balance our hearts that have become more intimate with suffering.
2015-12-03 The Fierce Heart 56:54
Spring Washam
Stories to awaken the heart of Compassion
2015-12-04 Day 4: Afternoon Sit with Instructions: Forgiveness Practice and Metta towards a difficult person 49:46
Dori Langevin
2015-12-04 Qigong in Loving Presence 58:06
Teja Bell
The foundation & the guiding principles of the confluence of the dharmic streams of metta practice & qigong.
2015-12-05 Day 5: Morning Sit with Instructions 44:59
Teja Bell
2015-12-05 Whole Life Practice 58:59
Tempel Smith
Retreat life is just part of the path of awakening. Most of us will spend near to the entirety of our lives living at home in our daily activities. Retreat practice is a great resource for living an awakened life.
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