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Retreat Dharma Talks

2015 IMCW New Year Retreat: Awakening the Heart of Compassion

The New Year is a wonderful time to touch sacred presence and deepen our roots in spiritual life. In this silent retreat we will open our hearts and minds through practices of Vipassana (mindfulness meditation–both sitting and walking sessions), traditional heart meditations (metta), yoga (mindful movement) and evening chanting.

2015-12-27 (6 days) Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2015-12-28 Meditation: Metta - Technology for Conditioning 40:07
Ruth King
In this guided offering, we explore Metta as a technology — a software upgrade we put into the hardwiring of our conditioning that requires a learning curve AKA practice.
2015-12-28 Attitudes that Support Mindful Presence: Acceptance, Kindness, and Curiosity 63:56
Hugh Byrne
An essential element of mindfulness practice is to cultivate a willingness to be with our experience just as it is. Consciously cultivating qualities of deep-rooted acceptance, kindness, and interest in our experience supports freeing our minds and opening our hearts.
2015-12-29 Heart Meditation: The RAIN of Compassion 35:04
Tara Brach
This new version of the acronym RAIN is a powerful way of bringing compassion to the life within you, and to attuning and deepening compassion for others.
2015-12-30 Heart Meditation on Forgiveness: Asking Forgiveness, Forgiving Others, and Forgiving Ourselves 47:12
Hugh Byrne
2015-12-30 Nature of Awareness 54:22
Ruth King
In this talk we explore two aspects of mind, wise views, what we forget and what we must remember, and strategies that support presence.
2015-12-31 Widening the Circles of Compassion 68:44
Tara Brach
The archetypal figure of the Bodhisattva (“awakening being”) reflects our potential to realize our connectedness with all beings, and care for this living world with an open tender heart. This talk explores the four types of patterning that keep us stuck in the pain of separation and the key heart practices that evolve us on the bodhisattva path. "Compassion arises when you see the truth behind the veils."
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