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Retreat Dharma Talks

February Month-long

2016-01-30 (29 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2016-02-10 Factors that Support the Deepening of Meditation. 55:35
Sally Armstrong
There are five factors, known as the jhanic factors, that are cultivated in meditation practice, especially as our practice deepens on long retreats. These factors collect and gather the attention, and then bring the qualities of joy and contentment into the mind and heart. From this place, the mind naturally settles into one-pointedness and equanimity.
2016-02-11 Day 12 Morning Instructional Sit: Standing Posture 17:46
Sally Armstrong
2016-02-11 Day 12: Brahma Vihara Instructions: Metta for All Beings 40:08
Erin Treat
2016-02-11 Dharma Practice as a Path of Happiness 68:27
James Baraz
The Buddha encouraged cultivating, maintaining and increasing wholesome states in his teaching on Wise Effort. He also said to notice the gladness connected with these states. This helps create the conditions for the highest happiness to be experienced.
2016-02-12 Day 13 Morning Instructions: Cultivating the Wholesome 12:46
James Baraz
2016-02-12 Day 13 Brahma Viharas: Metta-All Beings 35:40
Bonnie Duran
2016-02-13 Day 14 Brahma Viahara Instructions: Metta - all beings-pervading metta in all directions. 46:15
Guy Armstrong
2016-02-14 The Five Aggregates Are Not Self 58:46
Guy Armstrong
This talk explores the Buddha's teaching on not-self through the schema of the five aggregates. A sense of self is created by grasping at form, feeling, perception, formations or consciousness. What is the experience like when no grasping is taking place?
2016-02-15 Day 16: Brahma Vihara Instructions: Compassion: Suffering person, benefactor and dear friend 47:13
Guy Armstrong
2016-02-16 Day 17 Brahma Vihara Instructions: Compassion: Neutral and difficult person 47:23
James Baraz
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