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Spring Insight Meditation Retreat

2016-04-29 (10 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center (Yucca Valley)

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2016-04-30 Day One Instructions: Kind Awareness 55:20
  Noah Levine
Entering the practice of kind awareness.
2016-04-30 Day One Metta: Lovingkindness 42:02
  Lila Kate Wheeler
Receiving lovingkindness.
2016-04-30 The Seat of Awakening, Jack 52:11
  Jack Kornfield
How to use the great invitation of mindfulness and loving awareness to awaken amidst all things.
2016-05-01 Day Two Instructions: Mindfulness and Clear Comprehension 53:00
  George Mumford
2016-05-01 Day Two Metta: Body Metta 37:55
  Howard Cohn
Caressing the body with loving attention.
2016-05-01 Opening to Suffering 46:33
  Lila Kate Wheeler
Finding beauty and peace through wisely practicing with the five hindrances.
2016-05-02 Day Three Metta: Jellyroll Metta 1:10:31
  Trudy Goodman
Metta for yourself as a child.
2016-05-02 Simile of the Cloth 49:25
  Noah Levine
Buddha’s description of the process of liberation through abandoning the defilements.
2016-05-03 Day Four Instructions 60:27
  Howard Cohn
Breath, body, state of heart, mind and thoughts.
2016-05-03 Identity Crisis 48:54
  Wes Nisker
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