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Retreat Dharma Talks

July Metta Retreat

2016-07-13 (10 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2016-07-17 Day 4 Afternoon Sit with Instructions: Compassion 42:19
Sally Armstrong
2016-07-17 Metta and Samadhi: Absorbing in Kindness 62:16
Tempel Smith
Loving-kindness practice can be used to unify the heart and mind in deep contentment. To develop this unity we need to ripen the five jhana (absorption) factors.
2016-07-18 Day 5 Morning Sit with Instructions: Metta for Neutral Person 41:43
Tempel Smith
2016-07-18 Day 5 Afternoon Sit with Instructions: Mudita Practice 47:26
Heather Martin
2016-07-18 Befriending the Mind 60:33
Sally Armstrong
Metta is a powerful tool to work with the tendency to be judgemental or harsh with ourselves and others.
2016-07-19 Day 6 Morning Sit: Metta Practice - The Difficult Person 40:21
Sally Armstrong
2016-07-19 Day 6 Afternoon Sit: Introduction to Equanimity Practice 45:13
Nikki Mirghafori
2016-07-19 Metta Practice Grows: From Doing Metta to Being Metta 60:39
Heather Martin
From immediate and personal to vast and all inclusive, immeasurable, boundless; how we enable this growth in our practice.
2016-07-20 Day 7 Morning Sit with Instructions: Metta for All Beings 36:57
Heather Martin
2016-07-20 Day 7 Afternoon Sit with Instructions: Equanimity 46:59
Tempel Smith
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