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Retreat Dharma Talks

New Year, New Beginnings

This four-day residential retreat is an opportunity to establish, maintain and deepen the practice of insight meditation through exploring a range of different techniques found in the Satipatthana Sutta, the Four Foundations of Mindfulness.

2017-01-04 (5 days) Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre

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2017-01-04 01 Talk: Retreat opening - refuges and precepts, metta 28:32
Jill Shepherd
Cultivating supports for the retreat container: taking the refuges and precepts, and developing an attitude of kind curiosity
2017-01-04 02 Instructions: Brief overview of insight practice 3:58
Jill Shepherd
A very brief introduction to the practice and purpose of insight meditation
2017-01-05 03 Instructions: Mindfulness of breathing 13:59
Jill Shepherd
Some definitions of mindfulness, and two ways of working with mindfulness of breathing: for calm and concentration, or to refine mindfulness and clarity
2017-01-05 04 Meditation: Mindfulness of breathing in two ways 28:33
Jill Shepherd
Two ways of working with mindfulness of the breath: to settle the mind and/or refine awareness
2017-01-05 05 Instructions: Refining mindfulness of the body 8:22
Jill Shepherd
Instructions for paying closer attention to physical sensations in the body, and guidance on meditating in pairs, naming physical sensations out loud
2017-01-05 06 Talk: Three Universal Characteristics and the Five Hindrances 52:00
Jill Shepherd
The purpose of insight as seeing clearly into the three universal characteristics of anicca - impermanence, dukkha - unsatisfactoriness, and anatta - not-self, and how the five hindrances of sensual desire, ill will or aversion, sloth and torpor, restlessness and remorse, and sceptical doubt get in the way of clear seeing
2017-01-06 07 Instructions: Mental Noting and Mindfulness of Hearing 12:45
Jill Shepherd
Different approaches to mindfulness, including the use of mental noting and using sound as the meditation object
2017-01-06 08 Meditation: Mindfulness of Hearing 25:18
Jill Shepherd
Opening to sound as a meditation object
2017-01-06 09 Instructions: Mindfulness of Feeling-tone (Vedana) 9:41
Jill Shepherd
Learning how to recognise pleasant, unpleasant and neutral feeling-tone at the six sense doors, and guidance for exploring this in pairs, naming pleasant and unpleasant feeling-tone out loud
2017-01-06 10 Talk: The Five Hindrances part 2 43:03
Jill Shepherd
The Five Hindrances and some techniques for working with difficult emotions
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