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Retreat Dharma Talks

Three Month Retreat (86 days)

1997-09-20 (87 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

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1997-09-21 Inner & Outer Refuge 44:43
Michele McDonald
developing inner and outer refuges in our lives and on retreat
1997-10-03 Balance 63:34
Kamala Masters
There is a certain kind of energy required to actually do the sitting/walking schedule of an intensive retreat, which we learn how to cultivate. We also can learn how to relax our energy around our moment-to-moment experience, which produces a great balance in our practice.
1997-10-12 Freedom: Soft, Imperturbable Peace 55:28
Michele McDonald
what is freedom from suffering?
1997-10-19 Acceptance, Satisfaction & Trust 52:21
Michele McDonald
totally accepting change: learning to be "neighborly" with all of our experience
1997-10-20 Unconditional Peace 58:34
Michele McDonald
opening to understanding rather than judging the experience of suffering
1997-10-20 Metta 60:13
Kamala Masters
This talk has to do with understanding how metta practice develops concentration. Metta practice also sometimes exposes challenging states of mind that we learn to be more mindful of within the safe and gentle container of LovingKindness.
1997-10-27 Patience & Determination 55:52
Michele McDonald
understanding what spiritual practice means over lifetimes
1997-11-02 Awakening: The Lotus Flower And The Mud 52:54
Michele McDonald
how does freedom happen?
1997-11-02 Trust & Courage 59:48
Kamala Masters
How we need trust and courage to open to selflessness.
In collection: Courageous Living
1997-11-17 Renunciation, Fear And Letting Go Of Control 54:07
Michele McDonald
finding the edge of our practice
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