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Retreat Dharma Talks

Awakening our Natural Wisdom

Two-week insight meditation retreat led by Greg Scharf and Jill Shepherd

2017-09-01 (15 days) Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre

2017-09-09 Guided meditation: refining mindfulness of breathing, using mental noting 39:16
Jill Shepherd
Beginning with the instruction to calm the bodily formations, then refining attention on the specific characteristics of each breath
2017-09-09 Talk: mudita - appreciative joy 44:18
Jill Shepherd
Exploring the brahma vihara practice of mudita, the obstacles that get in the way of it, and suggestions for beginning to develop the quality of joy as a support for insight practice
2017-09-10 Instructions: mudita for oneself 11:03
Jill Shepherd
Exploring the Buddha's instructions to Mahanama to contemplate his own generosity and virtues, as a basis for practising mudita for oneself
2017-09-10 Guided meditation: mudita for oneself and a good friend 22:17
Jill Shepherd
Guided meditation appreciation one's own good qualities and good fortune, then those of a good friend
2017-09-10 Talk: equanimity 48:42
Greg Scharf
2017-09-11 Talk: Seven Factors of Awakening 40:43
Jill Shepherd
An overview of the seven factors of awakening and how to work skilfully with more refined states of mind
2017-09-12 Instructions: equanimity for difficult person 10:48
Jill Shepherd
Exploring equanimity in relation to a "difficult" person
2017-09-12 Guided meditation: equanimity for difficult person 23:19
Jill Shepherd
Exploring equanimity in relation to a difficult or "sticky" person, someone whom we have an agenda for, then in relation to ourselves
2017-09-12 Talk: karma 52:31
Greg Scharf
Karma and forgiveness
2017-09-13 Talk: anatta not-self and the five aggregates subject to clinging 51:34
Jill Shepherd
Not-self or anatta and an overview of the five aggregates subject to clinging
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