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Retreat Dharma Talks

Equanimity in Difficult Times

Equanimity is balance born of wisdom; it’s our heart and mind’s capacity to roll with the inevitable challenges and changes of life without taking it personally, without falling into despair or hopeless. Rather than a bland state of neutrality, or a cold state of indifference, equanimity gives us a wide space to feel the whole range of human experience, and the poise to act with wisdom and care rather than reactivity. Whether it’s personal loss and difficulty, challenges in relationship, or the immense pain our world is facing, equanimity is the indispensable quality that allows us to meet life with grace and balance, and at times to keep going in the face of extraordinary hardship.

2018-06-02 (2 days) White Heron Sangha

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2018-06-02 Introduction to Equanimity 42:13
Oren Jay Sofer
(1 of 15) Opening talk and overview of equanimity as an essential mental factor on the Buddhist path to awakening.
2018-06-02 Guided Meditation: Gratitude, Ease, and Steadiness 32:46
Oren Jay Sofer
(2 of 15) A short guided meditation focused on developing inner resources. Includes brief instructions at end for walking meditation focused on developing ease.
2018-06-02 Wise Balance with the Conditions of Life 35:09
Oren Jay Sofer
(3 of 15) An exploration of equanimity arising from wisdom that recognizes the changing, impermanent nature of the eight worldly winds, the conditions of our lives.
2018-06-02 Guided Meditation: Equanimity of Being Here 18:02
Oren Jay Sofer
(4 of 15) A brief guided meditation reflecting on the changes of our lives, the ups and downs, and how after all is said and done we come back to being present, here in a simple way.
2018-06-02 Question and Answer Session 16:19
Oren Jay Sofer
(5 of 15). Q&A Session from morning - questions on equanimity and Dhamma practice.
2018-06-02 Guided Meditation: Equanimity in a Sensitive Body 28:41
Oren Jay Sofer
(6 of 15) Brief reflections on equanimity with pleasure and pain followed by guided meditation.
2018-06-02 Equanimity in a Sensitive Body (Talk) 31:33
Oren Jay Sofer
(7 of 15) Reflections on the development of equanimity at the 6 sense doors that feel pleasure, pain, and neutral contacts.
2018-06-02 Question and Answer Period (afternoon) 22:40
Oren Jay Sofer
(8 of 15) Open Q&A on equanimity and Dhamma practice
2018-06-02 Guided Meditation: Establishing Equanimity with the Unpleasant 25:33
Oren Jay Sofer
(9 of 15) Guided meditation exploring various methods to establish and develop equanimity with unpleasant sensations. Includes summary of day at end.
2018-06-03 Question and Answer Session 33:37
Oren Jay Sofer
(10 of 15) Opening session of day 2 with full Q&A on Dhamma practice and equanimity.
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