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Retreat Dharma Talks

Labor Day Insight Meditation Retreat

2018-08-29 (6 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2018-08-30 The Journey to Awakening (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 58:13
James Baraz
The course of practice is explored: how mindfulness works, willingness to open to our suffering, discovering our wholesome qualities & the Buddha within, dealing with forgetting who we are, then sharing our love & wisdom with the world.
2018-08-31 Metta 33:21
James Baraz
2018-08-31 Going without Going (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 56:16
Sharda Rogell
We wonderfully open to all aspects of our mind body experience wherever we go - not leaving ourselves behind.
2018-09-01 You Are Not A Problem To Be Solved (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 63:31
Howard Cohn
Experiencing ourselves beyond our personality story and learning how to relate to our self view with wisdom and love.
2018-09-02 Transforming Suffering Into Happiness (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 60:22
James Baraz
Every moment of mindfulness we are weakening the forces of greed, hatred & delusion (roots of suffering) and strengthening the forces of non-greed (letting go & generosity), non-hatred (loving-kindness) and non-delusion (wisdom). This talk explains how that works.
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