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Retreat Dharma Talks

Clarity, Compassion and Freedom: Insight Meditation Retreat

It is 2,600 years since Siddhartha Gautama experienced a profound awakening and became the Buddha. In our current times, what does it mean for us to fully wake up? Throughout this insight meditation retreat, we will seek to answer this question through Buddhist teachings and practices, which offer a path toward greater clarity, compassion, freedom and ease of being. We will draw on stories from the lives of the historical Buddha, his mother, aunt and wife to create an archetypal map of our spiritual journey.

This course will be held in noble silence, and we welcome the diversity of all who seek to deepen their practice and understanding of the Buddha’s teachings. We invite both beginning and experienced meditators to join us for this exploration. The daily schedule will include meditation instruction, alternate periods of sitting and walking practice, talks by the teachers, Q&A and discussion.

2019-03-22 (6 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2019-03-23 Day One Instructions - Breath and Body/Walking Meditation 52:34
DaRa Williams
2019-03-23 Listening With Love 58:55
Pamela Weiss
A talk about the transformational power of mindfulness as an intimate loving engagement with experience.
2019-03-23 Loving Kindness (metta) 47:09
Tuere Sala
Evening instructions and practice - begins with a renunciation of cell phones
2019-03-24 Guided Meditation Instructions: Body and Breath 38:42
Pamela Weiss
2019-03-24 Clarity, Compassion, and Freedom 60:06
DaRa Williams
2019-03-25 Day 3 Instructions - Review and Emotions 50:20
DaRa Williams
2019-03-25 First Dharma Talk at IMS 54:26
Tuere Sala
Seeing the faculties to help turn towards the practice.
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