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November 2019 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2019-11-01 (30 days) Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge

2019-11-02 Entering into the refuge of the Forest Refuge 47:59
  Jill Shepherd
Orienting to six qualities that support us to enter more fully into practicing at the Forest Refuge: safety, silence, solitude, simplicity, slowing down, and stillness
2019-11-05 Determination 46:16
  Caroline Jones
2019-11-08 Wisdom and the Body 51:58
  Jill Shepherd
Cultivating a wiser relationship to the body through an understanding of the First Noble Truth, focusing on some of the ways we cling to our bodies
2019-11-12 Patience 44:59
  Caroline Jones
2019-11-15 Wisdom and the Body - Part Two 49:22
  Jill Shepherd
Exploring clinging and release with a focus on the body, using three practices from the Satipatthana Sutta as support for developing a wiser relationship to the body: contemplating the body in terms of its anatomical parts; its elemental qualities; and as a corpse in decay
2019-11-19 Guided Metta meditation 51:36
  Caroline Jones
2019-11-22 Wisdom and Vedana / Feeling-tone 49:00
  Jill Shepherd
Exploring clinging and release with a focus on vedana: knowing worldly and unworldly pleasant, unpleasant and neutral feeling-tones, and understanding why the Buddha placed so much importance on the experience of unworldly feeling-tone as a support for the deepening of dharma practice
2019-11-26 Q&A 65:45
  Joseph Goldstein
2019-11-29 Perception and Volitional Formations 48:14
  Jill Shepherd
Exploring clinging and release with a focus on the clinging-aggregates of perception and volitional formations.
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