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Retreat Dharma Talks

The Embodied Mind


2002-04-19 (10 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

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2002-04-19 Opening Talk with Beginning and Ending Chanting 62:30
Ajahn Sucitto
2002-04-20 Tonality As The Key To Awakening 60:55
Ajahn Sucitto
Overview of the process of awakening of which meditation forms a part - not the whole. All awakening processes are accompanied by a wholesome tonality.
2002-04-20 Embodiment and Disembodiment 1:17:53
Ajahn Sucitto
2002-04-21 Layers Of Conditionality 1:10:28
Ajahn Sucitto
Our experience of identity can be classified on terms of bodily, emotive, cognitive processes/structures. The cognitive layer especially gets distorted with compulsions and judgements.
2002-04-22 The Ground Of Relative Emptiness 68:28
Ajahn Sucitto
This ground is empty of hindrances, the underlying ground of the enlightenment factors. It is accessible through samatha practice, vipassana practice, or just in being present.
2002-04-22 It's Good To Be Home 64:13
Ajahn Sucitto
Presence, being totally here, is a shared and sharing experience. Before committing to the “doingness” of meditation, check in with the “here-ness.” It is the underlying home of awakening.
2002-04-23 Body - Posture - Breathing 46:37
Ajahn Sucitto
Instructions on establishing the posture for full and easeful breathing. Instructions on maintaining awareness through breathing.
2002-04-24 The Rapturous Ground Of Being 63:14
Ajahn Sucitto
Describes the “ground of being” as the enlightenment factors. Rapture is a key to the support and uplift of this ground.
2002-04-24 Questions and Answers 1:15:13
Ajahn Sucitto, Amma Thanasanti
2002-04-25 Emptiness - It's Just This 66:40
Ajahn Sucitto
Distilling the salient forms that are settling. Handling material. The ground of relative emptiness—”it’s just this.” Kamma formations, self, the making much of “do, do, do” and emptying that. Pleasure and protection, taking what you need. Subjectivity as opposed to self. Panic—do we have the spaciousness to learn?
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