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Retreat Dharma Talks

Chapin Mill Retreat

2020-08-18 (5 days) Satipanna Insight Meditation (SIMT)

2020-08-18 Chopping and Burning the Tree of Emptiness 24:41
Ayya Medhanandi
Too busy in the world, all entangled, we yearn to be free. So direct the mind to Nibbana - like a tree that leans to the East. And when it falls, it will fall in that direction. We too will arrive if we aim for the far goal but keep attention in the present where we are. Chop wood for a thousand days, but in a single moment, see into the emptiness of it all - burnt in the fire of wisdom.
2020-08-19 Into the Quiet 21:28
Ayya Medhanandi
We go forth into the quiet of the heart, distant from the world, to glimpse the Unconditioned. We are alone but we are as if with all beings. There is no 'one' who wakes up, there is just awakening. It is freeing and it's free - but it will cost us absolutely everything. We give up everything but there is nothing to give up. And we gain the understanding of the ancients.
2020-08-19 The Inner Stopping 26:54
Ayya Medhanandi
Wherever we go the mind does not remain happy - unless we fully awaken. How can we end the restless tides and remain inwardly stable, content within ourselves like the well-hewn wheel that stood still when it stopped rolling and did not fall down? Purifying our bodily acts, speech, and mind in the Buddha's gradual training, we go beyond the eight worldly winds, coming to cessation, to the Deathless.
2020-08-20 A Safe Domain: How the Quail Escaped a Hawk 27:01
Ayya Medhanandi
The contemplative path of purifying the mind is the most important journey of all - inward. Just as the little quail that tricked a hawk, we no longer fall prey to the 'maras' of the world, safe in our proper ancestral domain of virtue. Therein, the heart of generosity is further refined into qualities of joy, selflessness, compassion and wisdom, thus benefiting ourselves and all beings.
2020-08-21 Empty the Basket 15:10
Ayya Medhanandi
Let us hone our expertise to witness the charade of gain and loss arising each moment. Seeing the eight worldly winds, impermanent, not giving in when the mind perches in 'self', purify wrong view, empty the basket, and begin here where we are, balanced, the Middle Way.
2020-08-21 In the Stream of the Noble Ones 32:00
Ayya Medhanandi
Think of yourself as a spiritual warrior. What is the danger at hand? What is our true protection? Where is safety? Be ever aware. Staying close to the Dhamma, we will inevitably grow close to the Buddha. We shall uphold virtue foremost through wholesome friendships, purify intention, action, and speech, at rest or work or during mental cultivation, and embody the noble wisdom and compassion of the Buddha by setting our feet in his very footprints.
2020-08-22 Metta, Mantra, Addiction, Recovery: Three Questions 21:39
Ayya Medhanandi
We are braver than we know and can endure more than we realize if there is a readiness to renounce and be creative. Learn to refine, adapt, repeat teachings until they are embodied, and deeply listen to all that life offers. Reaching out to others according to our skills and strength, connect and offer guidance if it is welcome. Compassion born of growing wisdom will be our trustworthy compass.
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