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Retreat Dharma Talks

For Our Long Lasting Benefit

A vipassana meditation retreat

2019-08-10 (7 days) Satipanna Insight Meditation (SIMT)

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2019-08-14 Repair What Feels Broken – The Hardest Walk of All 37:45
Ayya Medhanandi
The path is a gradual one. Don’t go to the depths immediately. First develop the strength. Going slowly but deeply. Forgiveness, supported by patience endurance, acknowledging and seeing the breakage and repairing it regularly, repairing what has been broken or harmed, and freeing ourselves from the prison of our anger. How can we creatively counter the current of our addictions instead of gratifying it. If we do, we tap into the joy of the heart.
2019-08-15 Don't Be Afraid, Mahanama – Lean Towards Nibbana 32:54
Ayya Medhanandi
The Buddha told Mahanama not to be afraid of the muddled mind, just to keep developing the qualities which incline the mind to Nibbana. This Dhamma is for one who is content. A mind unburdened can pacify itself and be calmed. A mind fortified by faith, virtue – in particular, the virtues dear to the noble ones – learning, generosity and wisdom, will go to distinction. But for mental peace we have to consider how to seclude the mind and what we are giving our consent to in daily life.
2019-08-15 Dwell in Intrinsic Emptiness – The Liberating Quality of Loving-kindness 37:52
Ayya Medhanandi
What are the prerequisites and supports for walking such a path of awakening? Kindness and a loving forgiveness rank with those qualities that are foremost. They allow us to repair the seemingly unforgivable, to heal what we could not see or wish to see, to dwell in the real not in our concepts, and so to ascend with the strength gained from that groundwork. Try forgiveness first. Recovery opens the way home to healing, to Truth.
2019-08-15 A Gift from the Sea – Unbroken Paua Shell and Consummate Trust 42:15
Ayya Medhanandi
There are many skills and restorative qualities needed for us to grow in our spiritual work. Let us not underestimate the essential ingredient of mettā. This universal quality of love will unfailingly nurture the unfolding of the Noble Eightfold Path. It enhances our energy to persevere with courage, agility and joy so that the journey is sustainable and our trust becomes unwavering. We reach out more to others and support them in the good, while rejoicing that as we accomplish the Way, we draw close to the Buddha.
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