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Cultivating resilience in challenging times: Learning from the "heavenly messengers"

An eight-week online course to develop and strengthen our inner resources of kindness, compassion, calm and clarity, through an exploration of what are traditionally known as “the four heavenly messengers.”
2020-10-04 (50 days) Auckland Insight Meditation

2020-10-04 talk: Heavenly Messengers 1 - introduction to the theme 18:37
  Jill Shepherd
An overview of the four traditional heavenly messengers of the ageing person, the sick person, the dead person and the contemplative, and how to approach this legend in ways that are relevant for our practice today.
2020-10-10 talk: Heavenly Messengers 2 - Ageing 23:05
  Jill Shepherd
A short introduction to the heavenly messenger of ageing, as an invitation to explore our attitudes to our own ageing
2020-10-18 08 meditation: vedana or feeling-tones 17:38
  Jill Shepherd
A short guided meditation exploring physical sensations in the body and the feeling-tones associated with them
2020-10-18 09 talk: exploring vedana or feeling-tone and compassion in relation to illness 31:08
  Jill Shepherd
How mindfulness of feeling-tones helps protect us from reactivity in relation to physical illness, and instead, can strengthen skilful responses of wisdom and compassion
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