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Retreat Dharma Talks

Finding True Refuge in Uncertain Times with Anushka Fernandopulle, Chas DiCapua, Kate Munding, Jozen Tamori Gibson and Dawn Scott

Global pandemic, elections, climate change, racial injustice, economic contraction. Where can we find true refuge in this uncertain time? Join us to explore this question through practicing Buddhist Insight meditation in sitting, walking, eating and mindfulness of daily activities. We will explore the deep well-being possible for us regardless of outer changing and unstable circumstances, and explore what knocks us off our balance.

The retreat community will be online, supported by guided meditations, Dharma talks, time for questions, and smaller group meetings with teachers. There will be a suggested schedule for you to follow at home.

To help settle your mind and heart during retreat, you will be encouraged to simplify your life by letting go of technology and communication (except for participating in the retreat), reading, writing and entertainment. We will explore the five ethical precepts that bring peace to our lives. Please join us!

2020-11-10 (5 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2020-11-11 Meditation Instructions on Breath & Body 42:52
Chas DiCapua
Using the sensations of body and breath as an anchor for awareness in the Vipassana practice. Using the felt sense of the breath and body to help the body to settle, soften, and stabilize. Thus, lending those same qualities to the heart and mind.
2020-11-11 Settling In Meditation 42:34
Kate Munding
First day of retreat instructions. Grounding the attention in the body (Guided Meditation)
2020-11-12 Meditation Instructions On Thoughts 46:09
Chas DiCapua
How to make the shift from viewing thoughts as a problem meditation, to including them in the range of what is noticed. Turning to look directly at the nature of thoughts as opposed to being so concerned with their content or story.
2020-11-12 Holding Loss, Grief, and Impermanence with Tenderness 39:57
Kate Munding
Grief and the process of mourning can be held as a sacred time that lends towards a greater capacity for compassion and a clearer knowing of what is truly precious in our life?
2020-11-13 Guided Sit on Vedana 37:19
Kate Munding
Bringing mindfulness to the tone of experience (Guided Meditation)
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