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Retreat Dharma Talks

Day of Mindfulness

Vipassana Practice

2020-10-16 (2 days) Ottawa Buddhist Society

2020-10-16 This Is Where the Mind is Liberated 30:02
Ayya Medhanandi
Human beings have that special ability to deeply see and fathom things as they truly are. But we are so impatient. We resist letting go. Clinging, we harm unknowingly and stray from truth, gaining no peace. How can we recover and free ourselves from fear, anger, and mental distress? Purify the mind and directly know the larger truth of impermanence. See blessings where there was darkness. And in the heart’s core, touch the Unconditioned.
2020-10-17 In Our Own LIfeboat 14:08
Ayya Medhanandi
Intuitive knowing is the lens that connects us to the heart through our meditation. Leave the world behind and tap into that energy to enter the realm of pure receptivity, not known through the senses but fully known in complete Awareness that is a safe and liberating refuge. It leads us inward, beyond all wanting, to the ending of suffering, to an emptiness that surpasses all experience, all knowledge.
2020-10-17 Contemplation: A Special Friend of Mindfulness 16:58
Ayya Medhanandi
Practice deepens when we are present here and now, able to intuitively understand and contemplate our experience rather than knowing it through concepts. We refine mindfulness with wisdom, receive the moment humbly and offer our full attention and devotion to know what is before us. When Truth rushes in, we forgive more and we grieve less.
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