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Retreat Dharma Talks

New Year's Insight Meditation Retreat with Eugene Cash, Pamela Weiss, Tuere Sala and Devon Hase

This is a traditional Insight Meditation (Vipassana) retreat with sitting and walking in silence, and regular meetings with teachers. Each day there will be systematic meditation instructions, Dharma talks, and gentle yoga. We will mark the turning of the year with a late evening sitting and simple ceremony on New Year’s Eve. In celebration of the New Year, our focus will be on cultivating loving awareness and embracing each moment as fresh and new. All are welcome.

2020-12-28 (6 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2020-12-28 "Radiating Metta" 29:13
Devon Hase
First Evening Radiating Metta Practice
2020-12-29 "Morning Instruction - Body/Breath" 34:46
Tuere Sala
Morning Instruction
2020-12-29 Being Here, Being Free 59:51
Pamela Weiss
A dharma talk on five dimensions of the Path: Being Here, Being Real, Being Kind, Being Open, Being Free.
2020-12-30 "Instruction and Guided Meditation on Vedana" 42:37
Devon Hase
A short introduction and guided practice on the second foundation of mindfulness.
2020-12-30 "The Dharma of Qi Gong" 52:50
Tuere Sala
Qigong Practice
2020-12-30 "Understanding, Paradox and Love" 58:33
Eugene Cash
Dharma Talk: As we understand how to practice meditation we open the doors of the dharma to reveal truth and display the beauty and love of reality.
2020-12-30 "Self Compassion Practice" 32:27
Tuere Sala
Evening Sit with Metta
2020-12-31 "Meditation Instruction on Mental States" 31:39
Pamela Weiss
Working with thoughts and feelings
2020-12-31 "Exploring the Five Faculties" 61:00
Tuere Sala
Dharma Talk
2020-12-31 "Circle of Benefactors" 26:42
Devon Hase
A receiving care practice inspired by the work of John Makransky and Brooke Lavelle.
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