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Retreat Dharma Talks

Maranasati: Contemplating Death, Awakening to Life with Eugene Cash, Victoria Cary, Alisa Dennis, PhD and Hakim Tafari

The Buddha encouraged Maranasati practice to live an awakened life. This practice supports our appreciation of the preciousness of human birth and the development of equanimity with the difficulties of human existence. It helps us gain freedom from rigidity and clinging through a more expansive perspective of the inevitable and natural letting go. Maranasati matures our insight into impermanence and change, nourishing a skillful orientation to both life and death. In the retreat we will utilize the skills of loving awareness, compassion and investigation in our sitting practice, with some guided visualization and a period of contemplative inquiry each day.

2021-03-18 (5 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2021-03-19 Natural Awareness of the Sense Doors 35:26
Alisa Dennis
This is a meditation to support arriving and settling in the body, mindfulness of breath, and opening to more of a natural awareness of the sense doors including sight and sound.
2021-03-19 Inquiry: Monologue 10minutes per person 33:45
Eugene Cash
What is your personal relationship with Death?
2021-03-19 Normalizing Death 47:51
Eugene Cash
Exploring our understanding of death conventionally and from a Buddhist perspective
2021-03-20 Morning Instruction: Last Breath 40:01
Victoria Cary
Last Breath Meditation
2021-03-20 Meditation 27:49
Eugene Cash
Afternoon sitting meditation
2021-03-20 Inquiry: Repeating Questions 10minutes each way each question 8:33
Eugene Cash
Tell me something you know about death. Tell me something you don’t know about death.
2021-03-20 The Truth of Impermanence and Death as Transformation 49:08
Alisa Dennis
Impermanence can be found all around us in Nature. Our bodies exist in Nature and so we are impermanent too. This is an exploration of mindfulness of death and dying as an opportunity to practice letting go while we are living, as preparation for focusing our attention with ease and alertness as we take our last breath in these bodies. Maranasati supports present moment awareness and the deepening of appreciation for life. The deathbed can provide an extraordinary opportunity to cultivate embodied awareness and compassion for self and others. An exploration of death not as the end of life, but as transportation into another realm of consciousness.
2021-03-20 Meditation 29:26
Eugene Cash
Evening sitting meditation
2021-03-21 Metta to Self 27:53
Alisa Dennis
An exploration of Metta to ourselves as we are currently, or as younger or older versions of ourselves. Through this practice, we naturally come to understand how our bodies change across time, a reflection of the truth of impermanence.
2021-03-21 Inquiry Repeating Questions 10:35
Eugene Cash
What do you hold on to? What have you let go of? What do you experience as you let go right now?
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