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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Retreat Dharma Talks

SFI Sunday Nights

2001-01-01 (365243 days) San Francisco Insight Meditation Community

2023-06-18 Our Lineage and Love of Dharma 37:59
Eugene Cash, Howard Cohn
The gift of truth is the most precious gift. The taste of truth is the sweetest taste. The Love of truth is the greatest love. Buddha (*Dharma means Truth)
2023-06-25 Living by Vow 42:12
Pamela Weiss
This talk will explore what it means to walk a spiritual path and live from our deepest intentions and aspirations.
2023-07-02 The Five Aggregates of Clinging 33:07
Kevin Griffin
2023-07-09 What Does It Mean To Be Free? 42:04
Pamela Weiss
Drawing on teachings from the Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta and the Upādānas, this talk explores walking the path as radical reorientation, and the relationship between freedom and letting go.
2023-07-16 Sampajañña: Clear Comprehension, Introspection, Full Awareness 29:03
Eugene Cash
The support and functionality of Clarity and Mindfulness
2023-08-06 Relationship as the Dharma Path 1:20:19
Devon Hase, Nico Hase
Cultivating wise and skillful relationships is one way to frame the entire path to awakening. How are we relating to ourselves, other beings, and the world? During our time together, we'll explore how the practice of wise relationship leads to full awakening.
2023-08-13 Living & Dying: Remembering Wes ‘Scoop’ Nisker: Friend, Colleague, Teacher— Died Aug 3 2023 31:51
Eugene Cash
“If you don’t like the news, go out and make some of your own.” — Wes Nisker
2023-08-20 Words Create Worlds 36:44
Pamela Weiss
This talk explores the power of language and potent Buddhist teachings on Wise Speech.
2023-09-03 Do No Harm: Exploring the Buddhist Precepts 40:27
Pamela Weiss
This talk unfolds teachings on sila, Buddhist ethics. It will explore the precepts as the heart of the Path, and share how we can use them to stay awake in daily life.
2023-09-17 Nibbana Sacred Transition Now & Ongoing 31:16
Eugene Cash
Exploring our live reality of waking up to change & discovery
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