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Retreat Dharma Talks

SFI Sunday Nights

2001-01-01 (365243 days) San Francisco Insight Meditation Community

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2023-09-24 Making Peace 57:00
Bob Stahl
As our meditation practice matures, we may begin to understand the importance of relinquishing grudges, judgments, and resentments through honest reconciliation that may lead to deep healing. We will focus and inquire on four inter-connected facets: 1) Making peace to the times we've been hard on oneselves 2) Making peace to the times you have hurt another 3) Making peace to those who’ve hurt you 4) Making peace with this life, with the way things are
2023-10-15 In this world... 34:34
Pamela Weiss
In this world hatred never ceases from hatred. By love alone is hatred ceased. This is the law, ancient and inexhaustible. —Buddha
2023-10-22 Anicca: Discovering Harmony with Change 31:08
Eugene Cash
The beauty and mystery of each moment and its fugacious mystery. “Leave the circle of time and join the circle of love” — Rumi
2023-11-05 Practice Not Complaining 33:30
Gullu Singh
Complaints are typically a manifestation of some kind of aversion, whether mild or extreme. In this talk Gullu will explore the practice of not complaining in the context of the Buddha's teachings on aversion and ill-will.
2023-11-26 Gratefulness and the Giving of Thanks 32:53
Eugene Cash
2023-12-17 Gathering Our Resources 65:07
Ayya Santacitta
Re-rooting in Inter-being enhances perception and expands the solutions we can see for the world.
2023-12-24 Goodbye 2023 Welcoming 2024 35:11
Eugene Cash
Celebrating the Dying & Rebirth of the Light. “You can pick all the flowers, but you can’t stop the spring.” - Pablo Neruda
2024-01-07 The Power & Simplicity of Awareness 41:45
Eugene Cash
“This vanishes, that vanishes, but that which knows their vanishing doesn’t vanish... All that remains is simple awareness, utterly pure.” - Maha Boowa
2024-01-14 Freedom and the Jewel of Sangha 51:04
Pamela Weiss
This talk will celebrate the life of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and the women who surrounded him.
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