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Retreat Dharma Talks

Finding the Heart of Freedom

This nine-day retreat provides an opportunity to explore the Four Noble Truths that form the heart of the Buddha’s teaching. These teachings invite us to examine our relationship to dukkha: stress, distress, unsatisfactoriness, suffering, on deeper and deeper levels. Most of us though, have an instinctive resistance to suffering, so we need to practice working skilfully with the different obstacles that often show up along the path to freedom. As we learn how to release these obstacles, we’re able to live with greater ease, happiness, and peace, and to connect with the wisdom and compassion that are our true nature.

2021-08-06 (10 days) Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre

2021-08-09 16 instructions: working with pain 12:53
Jill Shepherd
Some different approaches to working skilfully with pain in meditation
2021-08-09 17 meditation: practising with physical discomfort 29:48
Jill Shepherd
Beginning by bringing awareness to physical sensations, practising non-reactivity to discomfort, then exploring how opening to neutral and pleasant feeling-tones can support the mind to stay balanced
2021-08-11 26 instructions: mindfulness of mindfulness 19:36
Jill Shepherd
Exploring some different approaches to mindfulness, and how different mindfulness methods can be used to maintain a balanced practice
2021-08-11 27 meditation: choiceless attention 29:10
Jill Shepherd
Beginning with mindfulness of breathing to steady the mind, then letting go of the primary object or anchor to connect with whatever experiences are predominant, using mental noting to help stay present with changing experiences
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