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Retreat Dharma Talks

"Winter Solstice Retreat: Embracing the Dark, Inviting the Light" with Heather Sundberg, Oren Jay Sofer, SEP and Dawn Scott

This retreat will support centering ourselves during the time of the December holiday season and the New Year, through quieting our minds, grounding in our bodies, and opening our hearts. There will be special emphasis on embracing the darkness, to including our difficulties and challenges, and to welcoming the coming light — including joy, wisdom, and love. The retreat will include sitting and walking meditation instructions, daily loving-kindness and Qigong practice, evening dharma talks, practice check in’s, and a Winter Solstice ceremony.

2021-12-18 (6 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2021-12-19 First Day Meditation Instructions 33:33
Heather Sundberg
Guided Meditation on Grounding, Posture, Sound and Breath, concluding with Orienting Practice
2021-12-20 Guided Meditation & Instructions 62:06
Oren Jay Sofer
Building on Samatha practice, we begin to include physical sensations and sound in our practice. This meditation also offers pointers on working with unpleasant sensations.
2021-12-21 Mindfulness of thoughts 45:10
Dawn Scott
Guided meditation on relating wisely to thoughts.
2021-12-22 Guided Meditation with Instructions for Working with Emotions 57:33
Heather Sundberg
Instructions and Guided Meditation describe 4 ways of practicing with Emotions: 1. Label it 2. Feel the Emotion in the Body 3. Space as a Support 4. Noticing the emotion changes
2021-12-22 The World Is Burning: Transforming Reactivity into Presence 53:42
Heather Sundberg
This talk explores the Fire Sermon taught by the Buddha and offers reflections and 5 somatic practices which help us transform reactivity into freedom.
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