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Retreat Dharma Talks

The Practice of Choosing Forgiveness

Life is complex as we all have come to experience over the last 2 years. One of the opportunities that has become evident is the benefits that can be gained from the awareness of Forgiveness.

Embracing that insight and engaging with Forgiveness practices; no matter the Trauma, Loss, Grief, or Anger, will move us forward in our journey towards liberation.

The practice of Forgiveness can offer freedom from the challenges and the ramifications of being held in “bondage” to a person (including ourselves), circumstance or condition created by not forgiving. Starting from where we are, we can cultivate the possibilities of living into our fullest potential.

We are invited to bring our courage to explore and cultivate the opening of our hearts and minds. The intention is to investigate – even in small ways – a practice that can be experienced as difficult. The aspiration is not to achieve perfection in Forgiveness, but rather, a life which is more and more free from suffering and full with the potential for joy.

We will explore the practices of Forgiveness and Letting Go, with the primary supports of Mindfulness, Kindness, Compassion, Equanimity and Gratitude.

2021-12-12 (5 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2021-12-13 WHY what AND how TO Forgiveness 46:25
Tere Abdala-Romano
A few notes on how forgiveness means in other cultures. Overview of general forgiveness, How the healing process starts right the moment we were hurt. Why we do forgive to free our own hearts from the pain, not to forget the deeds, to avoid further harm and hopefully to forget.
2021-12-14 Guidaded Forgiveness Meditation 61:07
Tere Abdala-Romano
Guided Meditation using Phrases to start or continue on the path of Forgiveness for Ourselves, for others, for Life Itself, and forgiveness from Others.
2021-12-14 Guided Meditation, Cultivating a Compassion Heart 18:21
Noliwe Alexander
Brahma Vihara ~ Guided Meditation, Cultivating a Compassion Heart
2021-12-15 Letting Go into Forgiveness with Joy and Gratitude 42:49
Noliwe Alexander
As we let go of our closed hearts, we open to the essence of Forgiveness practice through seeing what lies on the other side of forgiveness: joy, gratitude, self-compassion and knowing the true nature of our minds.
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