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Retreat Dharma Talks

Unification of Mind: Concentration Retreat

The retreat will focus on the cultivation of samadhi, or unification of mind. Instruction will be given on using the breath as a primary object of awareness. Loving-kindness meditation will also be offered, brightening the heart/mind and supporting wise concentration.

The teachers will have practice meetings with retreatants, so individuals have personalized support for their practice. There will be daily vipassana meditation instructions, as well as evening talks on the Buddha’s teachings.

2022-07-19 (8 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2022-07-20 Dharma Talk 50:19
Winnie Nazarko
On the role of concentration in the Buddhist path to awakening. Discusses what distinguishes "wise concentration" from other types
2022-07-22 Samadhi 63:25
Winnie Nazarko
2022-07-24 Suttas and Life 57:28
Winnie Nazarko
This talk matches key suttas is related to samadhi development and to poems and stories of people trying to apply these teachings
2022-07-25 Samvega (spiritual urgency), faith and taking the practice home 50:07
Tara Mulay
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